Best New Mashups: February Roundup Featuring Gengo, YouTube, and Twitter

February came and went, but not without blessing us with some amazing mashups. Let's take a look back at some of the great tools that have been submitted to our mashup directory this last month. This group of mashups includes a human translation service, a random video site, and a social exercise site. For more information keep reading below.

Gengo YouTube Translation - This mashup allows YouTube publishers to seamlessly submit translation requests to This is an amazing tool for publishers that hope to reach a worldwide market. APIs used include: Gengo Human TranslationYouTube. Check out our full Gengo YouTube Translation profile.

Healthy Lemur - This application provides an amazing tool for exercise motivation. You can publicly commit to exercise and feel great when your friends congratulate you on your accomplishments. This service can link to Facebook or Twitter. APIs used include: FacebookfoursquareTwitter. Check out our full Healthy Lemur profile.

Unsung Heroes: Random English Premier League Player Videos - This fun site does just what you would think, aggregates YouTube videos of English Premier League players. The fact that it chooses a player at random definitely adds to the fun. APIs used include: ESPN,  YouTube. Check out our full Unsung Heroes: Random English Premier League Player Videos profile.

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