Best New Mashups: Find Things In Real Life

Sometimes we forget what the real purpose of all this fancy technology is. And what is that? To make our real lives easier. Mashups often help with that, allowing us to do such simple things as find a good beer.

  • Find a Beer: Search for breweries via Brewery DB by specifying a location or clicking a location on a map. APIs: Bing, Brewery DB, ESRI ArcGIS JavaScript, Google App Engine, Google Font. More at our Find a Beer profile.
  • Find a Beer

    If you're in Seattle, you can even find a park with another new mashup:

  • Finda Park: Finda Park was started as a fun app just to allow people to find parks in the Seattle area using their zip code. This app uses open data from APIs: Bing Maps, Twilio. More at our Finda Park profile.
  • Finda Park

    Sometimes, you might want to find where all your favorite music artists are right now. If so, Geomusic has you covered:

  • Geomusic: Visualization of your favorite artists on the world map. APIs: More at our Geomusic profile.
  • Geomusic

    Finding where your friends are is also often pretty useful. With, finding those that use Facebook check-in is a snap:

  • MapMyFriends is an app which plots your Facebook friends on a Google map. See multiple images over a same location seperated in an innovative way. APIs: Facebook, Facebook Graph, Facebook Social Plugins, Google Maps, Yahoo Geocoding. More at our profile.

    If you're a fan of location based services, you probably use FourSquare. If so, it's nice to know where it matters if you're mayor or not. To find those FourSquare deals, use FourSquare Check-In Deals:

  • Foursquare Check-in Deals: Find and locate Foursquare check-in deals anywhere. APIs: Foursquare, Google Maps. More at our Foursquare Check-in Deals profile.
  • Foursquare Check-in Deals

    And, last but not least, if you're in Toronto, you can know right where the streetcars are at this moment with TOTransit - View TTC Streetcars Live on a Map:

  • TOTransit - View TTC Streetcars Live on a Map: See when the next streetcars are coming (Toronto) and watch them move on a map in real time. Desktop and mobile friendly. APIs: Google Maps. More at our TOTransit - View TTC Streetcars Live on a Map profile.
  • TOTransit - View TTC Streetcars Live on a Map

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