Best New Mashups: Finding Popular Sites, Songs and Cities

Sometimes, when assessing a website, it helps to know how popular it is. These days, there are a lot of ways to learn this, including a few recent mashups. There are also other apps that assess popularity, using different APIs and analysis to do so. Below we have a selection of some of the recent mashups that dig into determining ranking and popularity.

  • Ohsopopular: Ohsopopular is a service to see how popular a URL is on the web. Checks several services like Google Pangerank, Alexa Rank, Compete, Delicious, etc. and assigns a number rank. APIs: Alexa Web Information Service, BackType, Bing, Compete,, Google Search. More at our Ohsopopular profile.
  • Ohsopopular

    Now, that can tell you how popular a site is in general, but what if you want to know how much your site is worth? Or how much a potential business partner or acquisition's site is worth? Worth of Web to the rescue!

  • Worth of Web: Valuate the worth of any website in this free tool. Find data about earnings, revenue, visits, pageviews and net worth. APIs: Alexa Top Sites, Compete. More at our Worth of Web profile.
  • Worth of Web

    Of course, websites, although important, aren't everything. Let's say you're a member of a band, and are wondering exactly how popular one of your songs are. Or you just want to know how popular one of your favorite songs are, to see how many people are listening to it. If so, Viral Music List can help.

  • Viral Music List: Viral Music List is a site that keeps track of Spotify links on Facebook. By keeping track of the number of times different Spotify links are shared, Viral Music List is able to present different charts with artists, albums and specific tracks. APIs: Facebook, Spotify Metadata. More at our Viral Music List profile.
  • Viral Music List

    After that, you might want to decide what city to tour in next, if you're a band. Or simply check your city's rank, as a badge of pride. If so, head on over to CityClash.

  • CityClash: City ratings and rankings by people. APIs: Google Maps, Google Maps Flash, Google Translate. More at our CityClash profile.
  • CityClash

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