Best New Mashups: Food Mashups Using Facebook, and DealSurf

Somebody recently told me that Thanksgiving is next week and I was sure that they were lying. Lo and behold, Thanksgiving is next week and thoughts invariably turn to food. Instead of helping you prepare that killer side dish though, this week's mashups will come in handy when you can't stomach any more leftover turkey. If you feel the need to get out of the house and have someone else cook for you or even if you want the food delivered to your doorstep, these mashups should help out. Read below for more details on each.

Ness Dining Guide - Meet Ness, a beautiful new way to discover restaurants. Ness learns your likes and uses them to recommend restaurant. The more you use Ness, the better it works. APIs used include: Foursquare, Facebook. More at our Ness Dining Guide profile.

MyPizzaTalk - An aggregator of pizza coupons where pizza lovers can search for deals and coupons for their favorite pizza brands. APIs used include: RetailMeNotcomCommunityIdeas, DealSurf, Adility. More at our MyPizzaTalk profile.

Hubot-Food - A mashup of the ordrin api with hubot to allow ordering of food from with a chat room. APIs used include: Ordrin. More at our Hubot-Food profile.

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