Best New Mashups: Food, Tickets and Classifieds

Here's a set of fun and sometimes useful mashups. Use them to help with: where to go to lunch today, how to get the cheapest event tickets, and visualizing the vast amounts of data you can get with the Google Base API.

Wheel of Food

  • Wheel of Food: The most fun way to pick a restaurant near you. Enter your zip, enter a cuisine, and let the Wheel of Food determine where to eat today. Data via Yahoo! Local Search. Another inspired mashup from Jim Bumgardner, aka Krazy Dad. Read more on his blog.

Mashed Tickets


  • Mashed Tickets: A worldwide ticket search and price comparison site with a map covering concerts, theatres, sports and tourism. Find and compare tickets from Stub Hub, eBay and more. View tour maps on the Google Map and watch related Google videos.
  • Mainbase: Grabs data from Google base and allows you to search, sort and plot records on a chart, map, and calendar.

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