Best New Mashups: Foursquare

Recently we've seen a number of foursquare mashups and apps being submitted to our directory so today is a good time to take a look at some of the best. Each of the mashups below take advantage of the foursquare API to perform a variety of tasks from providing real-time info about local places, sharing music playlists, automating check-ins and more. Give these a look and let us know of other great mashups out there.

LocalUncle - See what's going on around you. Know the World. In Real-Time. Ask about places you care about and see what’s going on. APIs used include: Foursquare. More at our LocalUncle profile.

Soundtracking - Soundtracking lets users announce what music they are listening to along with where they are and what they are doing at the time. APIs used include: Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook. More at our Soundtracking profile.

Matchbook - A simple app to remember must-visit restaurants. Whether you hear about a new place from a friend, blog, or by walking by, Matchbook will help you remember it later. APIs used include: Foursquare. More at our Matchbook profile.

Auto4Sq - Auto4Sq let's you schedule your most frequent foursquare check-ins to be performed automatically. Simply schedule your regular foursquare check-ins and Auto4Sq will automatically check you in each day. APIs used include: Foursquare. More at our Auto4Sq profile.

Wander Mapper - The app lets you create an illustrated version of your Foursquare neighborhood, building a visual game on top of FourSquare’s existing technology. APIs used include: Foursquare. More at our Wander Mapper profile.


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