Best New Mashups: Fun Mashups Using LastFM, Twitter and Yelp

Today we're looking at mashups that instead of aiding your productivity, are just fun to pass the time with. These mashups use a variety of APIs from popular ones such as Twitter and LastFM, to lesser known ones such as Forvo and EchoNest. Our directory currently contains 223 mashups tagged as fun.

Name Popularity - The Name Popularity mashup helps you Learn what your name means and how popular it is. API used include: Forvo. More at our Name Popularity profile.

Periodic Table of Heavy Metal - An interactive Periodic Table of top Heavy Metal bands grouped by genre. Uses the Echonest and APIs to display band information and images and links to watch videos, listen to songs and easily find more information on the bands. API used include: LastFM, EchoNest. More at our Periodic Table of Heavy Metal profile.

Aussie Pubcrawl - An app for Australians (written by a Canadian) which integrates the Sensis API with the Yelp API to find who drinks at pubs near you. Works by using Sensis Yellow Pages search and matching up with the most recent Yelp reviews for the pubs found to get fresh reviewer photos. Note you must enter an Australian address (just use Melbourne for city if you are not from down under!) API used include: Yelp, SensisBusinessSearch. More at our Aussie Pubcrawl profile.

Keep Calm And - A fun mashup that pulls from twitter to finish the sentence, " Keep Calm And...". API used include: Twitter. More at our Keep Calm And profile.

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