Best New Mashups: Games and Trend Mapping

Continuing from Friday's best-of post, here are some more notable new mashups. These weekly summaries are now getting longer-- in two parts -- because of the increased volume of mashups. Even between these two posts they only cover about one out of every five entries this past week.

Flickr TagMan


  • Flickr TagMan: Simple hangman game for Flickr tags. Guess all the letters of a tag and see 4 photos tagged with that word.
  • Live Search OPML Generator: Helps users find RSS feeds and autogenerates OPML files. Uses Windows Live Search API. Facilitates selecting feeds from root weblogs or comments feeds per user selection with support for international markets.
  • Neighboroo: Explore national trends from the serious to the interesting, all overlaid on a Google Map. Includes crime, lifestyle, and income.
  • Visual Search Mapr: Visual Search Maps powered by Google, TRYNT and Yahoo.
  • Rentalio: Designed to help you find for vacation rentals. The first mashup on this site to use the Vast API.

Here is the full list of 1143 mashups.

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