Best New Mashups: Games Mashups Using Google Maps, Twilio and AMEE

Often we like to highlight mashups that offer useful features such as searching for a new house, planning a vacation or saving on energy costs. Sometimes though, it's nice to use a mashup for no other reason than it is fun. Today we'll look at several gaming mashups that allow users to take a quiz, conduct a treasure hunt and even modify Minecraft. - is an online treasure hunt game on Google Maps. APIs used include: GoogleStreetViewImage, GoogleMaps. More at our profile.

Music Pop Quiz - Guess the artist from a song clip or a picture. Questions are randomly generated from the 7digital catalogue and get more and more difficult as you progress through levels. Choose your favourite music genre to play in and compare your score with others. APIs used include: 7digital. More at our Music Pop Quiz profile.

Climatecraft - A Minecraft mod that adds tracking of carbon emissions using AMEE. APIs used include: AMEE. More at our Climatecraft profile.

Keep Track of My Games - Keep Track of My Games aims to be a way for you to not only manage your collection of games, but also remind and track your upcoming games. APIs used include: TwilioSMS, Twilio. More at our Keep Track of My Games profile.

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