Best New Mashups: Get At Hidden Data

Most mashups rely on data from other APIs to do their thing. That's part of the power of open APIs. There's a special class of mashup that we're featuring today. These extract additional data, hidden from casual view. Now you can find out where that short URL points, the lyrics (and more) for any song, or the spot where you can meet in the middle--as long as you can spell rendezvous.

  • SongDNA: The SongDNA iPhone app aims to be the source for song information. It collects data on nearly any song from over 10 sources on the internet: the lyrics, the videos, the bio, the highest rank in the charts, gigs, tweets, etc. APIs used: Bandsintown, BBC Music, Billboard, Facebook, Lyricsfly, Mobypicture, MusicBrainz, Twitter, Yahoo Image Search, YouTube. More at our SongDNA profile.
  • SongDNA

  • Resolves Me: The site resolves short urls used on sites like twitter. The results show information on the page and the domain the page is on. The perfect tool for checking a short url if you are not sure about it. APIs used: Compete. More at our Resolves Me profile.
  • Resolves Me

  • Rendezvous is dedicated to finding a great meeting place that isn't too far for both parties. APIs used: Google AdSense, Google Ajax Search, Google Maps. More at our profile.

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