Best New Mashups: Get The Latest News

A lot of our readers, like me, are news addicts. The latest news matters to a lot of us, and there are some good new mashups to help us find it. Take, for example,, which shows you the latest breaking news being tweeted through Twitter in realtime:

  • Breaking news as it happens via twitter. APIs: Twitter, Twitter Streaming. More at our profile.

    Now, as it is Twitter, you shouldn't necessarily trust everything you read. For your fact checking needs, check out Juggle, a mashup made to provide factual, accurate info:

  • Juggle: Juggle is a research website that aims to provide factual, accurate information about a variety of popular topics. The online encyclopedia displays information gathered from research publications, respected newspapers, magazines, websites, periodicals and academic journals. APIs: Freebase. More at our Juggle profile.
  • Juggle

    A lot of newshounds right now are watching what's going on with the race for the Republican presidential nomination in the US. Those interested in this should go check out PolitiTrends, a mashup made for just that.

  • PolitiTrends: PolitiTrends uses the Twitter API to track tweets about the Republican candidates for the 2012 presidential election. Tweets from the last 24 hours are analyzed and aggregated to find the top candidates, links and retweets. APIs:, Long URL Please, Twitter. More at our PolitiTrends profile.
  • PolitiTrends

    Now, every weather addict wants to know what the weather will be like tomorrow. With the latest tornadoes sweeping the Midwest recently, this is doubly important for a lot of us here in the US. However, when something that interesting isn't going on, the weather can seem a bit boring. So, what could make it better? Zombies. Yes, Zombies. Check out Weather Zombie for a fun look at the weather.

  • Weather Zombie: Weather Zombie provides easy-to-read, local weather forecasts with zombies. APIs: AccuWeather. More at our Weather Zombie profile.
  • Weather Zombie

    Now, a lot of this has been pretty US-centric. Some people want to check out news around the world, or news in another specific country. For those interested in the news of the Netherlands, a recent mashup can point you to in-depth coverage.

  • News from The Netherlands: Daily news from The Netherlands, using multiple sources such as newspapers, radio and tv. Dutch language news site aggregated by a custom built engine. APIs: Google AdSense, Google AJAX Language, Google AJAX Libraries, Google Gears, YouTube. More at our News from The Netherlands profile.
  • News from The Netherlands

    So, go out there and read some news, as long as you don't let it distract you from work too much.

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