Best New Mashups: Japanese Earthquake Maps

Since the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, technology has certainly played a role in communicating the disaster across the world. Before and after imagery has made the devastation very clear. The three maps mashups below help describe different angles of the same disaster: from the seismic activity, to the radiation levels, to the services available to people in need of help.

  • RDTN: The ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan has highlighted our collective reliance on trusted sources. With conflicting reports of radiation levels in affected areas, Portland-based Uncorked Studios has built a way to report and see data in an unbiased format. Inspired by talking heads on news programs who could at best speculate about the nuclear crisis based on the dearth of data, Uncorked decided to create a Platform that will aggregate data from individuals, volunteers, and experts and combine those with data feeds from government and non-governmental official sources. APIs: Facebook Social Plugins, Google Maps, Pachube, Twitter. More at our RDTN profile.
  • RDTN

  • Japan Earthquake Map: Map of the recent Japan Earthquake and Seismic Activity leading up to it. APIs: Google Maps, MapLarge. More at our Japan Earthquake Map profile.
  • Japan Earthquake Map

  • Sinsai Japan Earthquake Resources: Using Ushahidi crowdsourced crisis response platform and OpenStreetMap, this mashup communicates the location a services and resources useful to those on the scene in Japan. APIs: OpenStreetMap. More at our Sinsai Japan Earthquake Resources profile.
  • Sinsai Japan Earthquake Resources

    For more examples of mapping the Japan earthquake, be sure to see the coverage at Google Maps Mania. To help raise awareness for Japan relief effort, see this UberShare listing.

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