Best New Mashups: Job Search

Looking for work? We've all been there and know that at times the job search can be daunting. Jobs mashups have been submitted to our directory in higher numbers recently so today we'll take a look at some of the best. A sampling of recent job search mashups leverage a variety of sources to help you find the perfect job. These include social APIs such as Twitter and LinkedIn as well as traditional job board API CareerBuilder.

Job search HireADroid - HireADroid is Android app that supports simultaneous job search across 6 major job search engines (LinkUp, Beyond, LinkedIn, Indeed, SimplyHired and CareerBuilder). APIs used include: CareerBuilder, indeed, LinkedIn, LinkUp Job Search Engine, Simply Hired Jobs. More at our Job search HireADroid profile.

Jobs Tractor - Jobs Tractor searches twitter for developer jobs, ignoring recruiters and jobs boards. Tweets are displayed based on your location. APIs used include: Twitter. More at our Jobs Tractor profile.

NearbyJobs - Realtime jobs, errands and favors posting via SMS, voicemail, web and Twilio Client. APIs used include: Twilio, Twilio SMS. More at our NearbyJobs profile.

EmployShark - View job listings by state and zip code. APIs used include: CareerBuilder. More at our EmployShark profile.

Visual Resume - Visual timeline of education and career history using LinkedIn API. APIs used include: LinkedIn. More at our Visual Resume profile.

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