Best New Mashups: June Roundup Featuring Bing, Twitter and Weather Central

We hope everyone had a nice and safe 4th of July. This week we'll cover some of the best mashups from June that didn't get covered the first time around. These mashups make use of APIs from Bing, Weather Central, Twitter and more. Our mashup directory now contains nearly 6700 mashups. Below are more details on these mashups.

Metasuchmaschine LIXAM - A meta search engine with images, videos and news. Enabled by social search. APIs used include: Bing. More at our Metasuchmaschine LIXAM profile.

MyWeather - A weather site that aggregates information about local weather and presents it in a simple visual interface. APIs used include: Weather Central. More at our MyWeather profile.

nospeech3 - iPad mashup for finishing / revising documents on Google Docs with the help of an Acapela voice. Started for German, but applicable to all languages having Acapela voices. Dictionaries for user's tasks, acronyms and SAMPA phonetic transcriptions. Download from App Store. APIs used include: GoogleSites, GoogleDocsList, Acapela. More at our nospeech3 profile.

#tweet-a-lot - The ultimate marketing tool to create buzz online. Create competitions on twitter to encourage tweeting. Are you holding an event? launching a product? holding a gig? Use #tweet-a-lot to get publicity online. Gamification of twitter posts. Incredibly addictive. Automatic player discovery, with nothing to install. APIs used include: TwitterStreaming, Twitter, Embedly. More at our #tweet-a-lot profile.

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