Best New Mashups: The Latest Amazon Mashups

Amazon boasts 34 APIs in our directory and it goes without saying that they are a heavy hitter in the API world. In terms of page views and mashups, the clear leader is the Amazon Product Advertising API. Formerly the eCommerce Service, it has over 400 mashups and ranks among our top 15 most visited pages. The mashups we're looking at today all make use of the Product Advertising API, read below for more details.

buylar - Price comparison site for millions of products from best online retailers. It uses more than five different APIs. APIs used include: AmazonProductAdvertising, Shopzilla,, GoogleShoppingSearch, EBayShopping. More at our buylar profile.

omniMarket - A retail experience combining the API networks of Amazon, Twitter and YouTube with a plan to expand into further APIs to add increased syndication of data and media. APIs used include: AmazonProductAdvertising, YouTube, Twitter. More at our omniMarket profile.

VitaminsMatch - VitaminsMatch aggregates information on vitamins and helps users find what they need easily. Once a selection is made, the user is directed to the source of the product. APIs used include: AmazonProductAdvertising, CommissionJunction. More at our VitaminsMatch profile.

Live Plasma - Live Plasma is a discovery site that helps users find similar content. It displays the results in easy to navigate layouts with impressive visuals. APIs used include: AmazonProductAdvertising. More at our Live Plasma profile.

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