Best New Mashups: The Latest Facebook Mashups

Facebook continues to be a popular Platform with developers and the Facebook API is one of our top five most viewed profile pages. Today we'll take a look at some of the newer mashups to appear in our directory that make use of Facebook. These include a social exercise app, a social network for photographers and a word of mouth advertising system. Read below for more information on each of these.

Healthy Lemur - Healthy Lemur is an app that lets you publicly commit to exercise: Link your foursquare account, select the number of days per week that you're going to exercise, link your facebook and/or twitter accounts. The app tracks every time you go to the gym and every Monday, leaves a post on your facebook and/or twitter account if you have reached your goal. APIs used include: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare. More at our Healthy Lemur profile.

Photohab - PhotoHab is new professional social networks for photographers featuring blogging, photo sharing, interactive forums, personalized profiles, and place where photographers from all experience levels can share their knowledge and learn from others. APIs used include: Facebook, Twitter, LastFM, GoogleOpenID, GoogleMaps, FacebookRealtimeUpdates. More at our Photohab profile.

oGoWoo - oGoWoo is a free word of mouth advertising system. The system uses the Facebook API for post advertising or promotional messages on users Facebook walls on their behalf, as return they get gifts and discounts. APIs used include: Facebook, FacebookGraph. More at our oGoWoo profile.

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