Best New Mashups: The Latest Flickr Mashups

This week we’re spotlighting the Flickr API, one of our most consistently popular APIs. Flickr is the fourth most used API in our directory appearing in over 600 mashups. Each of the mashups below leverage Flickr and have been named mashup of the day since August.

Piebaldo - Photography search and browse site using the Flickr API. APIs used include: Flickr. More at our Piebaldo profile.

Actually - Actually is a photo aggregate mashup that pulls photos from instagram, flickr, and 500px. APIs used include: Instagram, Flickr, 500px. More at our Actually profile.

ScanTheNet - ScanTheNet is a search mashup that aggregates results from Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Discover the net live and share interesting content. APIs used include: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr. More at our ScanTheNet profile.

Muskie's Favourite Quotation Mashup - A mashup displaying collected favorite quotations and sourcing data from various APIs. APIs used include: LastFM, Flickr, Facebook, AmazonProductAdvertising. More at our Muskie's Favourite Quotation Mashup profile.

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I built one of those. ;-) I built a bunch of different little mashups using the same PHP codebase, which I really should put in gethub or something similar, right now it is downloadable on my personal website.

I don't use the Facebook API that much here, but I do use MediaWiki, YouTube, Amazon Product API, Flickr, Rotten Tomatos, and yes Also the iTunes Music Store API might be used a little. I kept adding support to my codebase for more APIs. The code is open source and free to use commercially, though using that many APIs and other people's code too brings baggage. Collecting the best quotations of course takes a lifetime.

[...] of other PHP code which I’ve written while unemployed, recently got some minor recognition as one of the Best New Flickr Mashups. Sadly I don’t use the Flickr API all that much, it is my fall back image search API. I use [...]