Best New Mashups: The Latest News Mashups

Getting your news should be a relatively painless process. The sheer amount of it along with the untold number of sources can make it hard to separate the signal from the noise however. With the recent shutdown of Google Reader, many of us are still looking for the best tool to aggregate news. This week we'll look at a few recent mashups that promise to keep you informed with the latest news. Read below for more details.

Twikle - Twikle is a news aggregator showing the most shared content on social networks. Twikle analyses the contents that are the most shared on social networks and groups together the articles thematically. When clicking on a title you directly access to the website that has published the matching article. Articles are selected and classified by a computer program which is supported by various factors, such as the number of times articles have been shared on social networks and the topic of the articles. Some articles are grouped together by keywords. These keywords are generated by a computer program analyzing words’ frequency of occurrence in the articles and in the messages created on social networks. APIs used include: Twitter. More at our Twikle profile.

World Citizen News - World Citizen News gets users the Twitter buzz for cities around the world based on Twitter Trends, weather forecast, local time and map for popular cities around the world, images for selected location from flickr and news based on the trending Twitter topics. APIs used include: YahooWeather, YahooQueryLanguage, WorldWeatherOnlineTimeZone, MapQuest, Google, Flickr. More at our World Citizen News profile.

ESPN News Service - Using the ESPN API, PHP, and Bootstrap, ESPN News Service is a simple responsive news site, giving readers the top news in various sports. APIs used include: ESPN. More at our ESPN News Service profile.

BBC News Visualizer - A BBC News Data visualization demo using PHP + HTML5 + CSS3 + JQuery. APIs used include: BBC. More at our BBC News Visualizer profile.

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