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For some reason food always tastes better on a warm summer night, surrounded by good company, and with relaxing music in the background. With an ever-recovering economy and slowly decreasing unemployment rate, there is no better time to grab a bite to eat with those who matter most. has always provided customers with the means to find good food, scour menus for the item that will please their taste buds, and finally place a delivery order to their location.  This week we’ll take a look at recent mashups that all make use of the API. Read below for more details.

FoodieToGo – When you are thinking of ordering food to your home, you want to order from a well-rated restaurant with a good delivery service. FoodieToGo uses the vast database of restaurants provided by to provide users with many options. It then uses Yelp to provide customers with restaurant ratings and reviews to further help them in the decision making process. In a nutshell, FoodieToGo lets you Enter your address, select from a list of restaurants that deliver to you, order from their menu and pay with your credit card over a secure channel. APIs used include: and Yelp. More at our FoodieToGo profile.

Meals With Friends – This mashup allows real time group food ordering by implementing three different APIs. It uses to receive a database of delivery restaurants, Mandrill to allow communication between various people (getting their orders), and Venmo to divvy up the cost of the bill once the order has been placed. Users simply create an account, invite their friends to an order, and enjoy their food. APIs used include:, Mandrill, and Venmo. More at our Meals With Friends profile.

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