Best New Mashups: The Latest Rotten Tomatoes Mashups

Growing up, summertime always meant movies. While this summer has seen a spectacular run of flops, there are still good movies to watch in the theaters not to mention the choices avilable through streaming or on demand. Rotten Tomatoes has always been a handy option for finding out the latest news and reviews on movies. This week we'll take a look recent mashups that all make use of the Rotten Tomatoes API. Read below for more details.

Movie Finder - This mashup filters out movies with low critic scores to make it easier to focus on the good ones. You can sort by movies currently in theaters, recently released or available for rental. APIs used include: RottenTomatoes. More at our Movie Finder profile.

On-Demand Movie Reviews - When you want to watch a movie but you don't know what to watch, On-Demand Movie Reviews has you covered. It's a Rotten Tomatoes mashup with reviews for Comcast On-Demand Movies. APIs used include: RottenTomatoes. More at our On-Demand Movie Reviews profile.

Book vs Movie - If you have that one friend who after every movie says "oh the book was better", now you can definitely prove them wrong. Book vs Movie provides the answer to an age old debate, using science. APIs used include: RottenTomatoes, SendGrid, Goodreads. More at our Book vs Movie profile.

Moviis - Improve your movie experience with the Moviis mobile application. You can discover movies, track the movies you watch and get recommendations for new ones, sync with your account and much more. APIs used include: RottenTomatoes, Twitter, Trakttv, TheMovieDB. More at our Moviis profile.

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