Best New Mashups: The Latest Twitter Mashups

This week we're spotlighting the Twitter API, one of our most consistently popular APIs. Twitter is the second most used API in our directory appearing in over 700 mashups. Each of the mashups below leverage Twitter and have been named mashup of the day since May.

Leaderboarded - Create your own dynamic leaderboard by mashing data from various sources. Works especially well at increasing the number of tweets during live events. APIs used include: Twitter, Klout, GoogleSpreadsheets. More at our Leaderboarded profile. - is a new convenient way to explore over 400,000 travel destinations around the globe. Get instant information, millions of photos, videos, webcams, maps, news, buzz, local current weather and time, events and more. APIs used include: YouTube, Wikipedia, Webcamstravel, Twitter, Panoramio, GoogleMaps, GoogleGeocoding, Freebase, Flickr, Eventful, BingMaps. More at our profile.

Twitter Burner - Tweetburner is a twitter mashup that allows you to create tiny URLs. You can also track how many times they where clicked. APIs used include: Twitter. More at our Twitter Burner profile.

LifeTweaker - Track, graph, tweak, find trends in your habits and share on facebook, twitter, etc. APIs used include: Twitter, Facebook. More at our LifeTweaker profile.

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