Best New Mashups: Let's Host a Party

Here at ProgrammableWeb, we love using mashups and APIs to help make our lives better in many ways. Just as mashups can take multiple APIs and piece something new together, you can do that with multiple mashups. For example, let's say we're going to host a party. Well, we'd need music, food, other entertainment and a way to connect people together. The mashups listed below can help you with all of this.

First thing we need is some good music to set the mood. This is always best if we can get our friends involved too, so we might start sharing some playlists on ListnPlay.

  • ListnPlay: ListnPlay allows users to make and share playlists of audio, video, albums or other people's playlists. APIs: MusicBrainz, YouTube. More at our ListnPlay profile.
  • ListnPlay

    Another thing every good party needs is some food. There are lots of good options for this. If you don't feel like cooking it yourself, Order Anywhere has you covered, with over 30,000 different places to order from.

  • Order Anywhere (Beta): Order food online from over 30,000 menus. Place your order and Order Anywhere calls the restaurant for you. Your order's status is updated in real-time. APIs: Open Dining Network Food Ordering, Twilio, Twilio SMS. More at our Order Anywhere (Beta) profile.
  • Order Anywhere (Beta)

    Sometimes watching a great movie together is a great activity. If you have Netflix, you never really need to worry about rentals, but you might want a better way to search through movies. If so, look no further than The Web Intersect.

  • The Web Intersect: Netflix Movies - faceted search APIs: Freebase, Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes. More at our The Web Intersect profile.
  • The Web Intersect

    If you're planning this with a group of people, you'll want a good collaboration tool. If so, you might want to take a look at Planrrr:

  • Planrrr: Making the act of planning easier. Uses a combination of email and SMS to communicate around a particular event.
    APIs: SendGrid, SimpleGeo, SimpleGeo Places, Twilio. More at our Planrrr profile.
  • Planrrr

    If logistics of where to meet are an issue, as they sometimes are with distant friends, it might be a little tough to figure out where to have this shindig. If you need some help with that, try out Rendezview:

  • Rendezview: Rendezview helps you find the perfect place to meet up with friends. Input both your locations, how far you’re each willing to travel and the category of place you’d like to meet (Chinese Restaurant, for example). Rendezview finds all locations that meet your criteria. APIs: Google Maps, Yahoo PlaceFinder, Yellow Canada. More at our Rendezview profile.
  • Rendezview

    Well, enjoy your party. I hope it was better and easier thanks to these new mashups.

    Photo credit: mikefats

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