Best New Mashups: Mapping Mashups using Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter

Over one-third of our mashup directory is made up of mapping mashups and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down. We have taken two looks at mapping mashups in the past. With it being a year since our last review, now is a good time to look at the newest mashups taking advantage of mapping APIs. Read below for more information on each. - Mapify answers the question "What's Happening Nearby?" by showing local events as points on a map. APIs used include: Meetup, GoogleMaps, FacebookGraph, Facebook, Eventbrite, Upcoming. More at our profile.

EveryDayOffers -Deals, discounts and offers worldwide, shown on a map. APIs used include: GoogleMaps. More at our EveryDayOffers profile.

DishPointer - This application helps users visualize satellite dish positioning using Google Maps. APIs used include: GoogleMaps. More at our DishPointer profile.

Musomap - Plot yourself and collaborate. Find a teacher, start a group, promote your music, share a gig or trade gear locally. APIs used include: Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, JSONTools, GooglePlus, GoogleMaps, GoogleAnalytics, geocoder, Facebook. More at our Musomap profile.

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