Best New Mashups: Mapping Revisited

As we sit here in Seattle fighting the snow and ice this week, I find myself looking at a lot of maps. Weather maps that show that the snow will, in fact continue to fall, neighborhood maps to see what others stuck at home are tweeting about, and even maps of warmer places because one can always dream. We took a look at some of our favorite mapping mashups over a year ago so today is a good time to see what is new.

WETTERWOLKE - A small Google Maps Mashup displays the weather forecast and weather-tweets in a nice, simple style. APIs used include: Twitter, GoogleMaps. More at our WETTERWOLKE profile.

Twitter Trends - A Website that you can view the most discussed topics on twitter(trends), searching by location through Google Maps. APIs used include: Twitter, GoogleMaps. More at our Twitter Trends profile.

FIND Free Maps - FIND Free Maps allows you to create, customize, annotate and PDF your own maps. With no need to register or download any software, FIND Free Maps is designed for you to simply use. You can customize the map styling to suit your own needs using the 'Your Google Map' feature. APIs used include: GoogleMapsFlash. More at our FIND Free Maps profile.

Moonshadow Mobile, Inc. - CensusViewer shows all census information from the 2000 and 2010 census inside of Bing Maps. The data can be colored by race, ethnicity, age, county, city, etc. CensusViewer allows you to filter by any attribute and generate heat maps. The data can be downloaded in easy spreadsheets per census block, zip code, city, county or any other distict. APIs used include: MoonshadowMobile, BingMaps. More at our Moonshadow Mobile, Inc. profile.

Zoos of the World - Browse through zoos of the world, categorized by country. When you click a zoo link, photos are retrieved from Flickr and displayed, the coordinates of the zoo location is displayed in Google maps and Wikipedia content of the article is also displayed. APIs used include: Wikipedia, GoogleMaps, Flickr. More at our Zoos of the World profile.

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