Best New Mashups: March Roundup Featuring Facebook, YouTube, GoogleMaps and Groupon

Happy Friday the 13th to everyone! This week we want to take a look back at the month that passed and point out some of the mashups that we didn't get a chance to spotlight earlier. These mashups were all named Mashup of the Day in March and make use of APIs from Facebook, 8coupons, and more.

SocialSearcher Android App - Android Application "Social Searcher" - Facebook Search Without Logging in. Make your keyword search around Facebook and find out what people are talking about now. Application supports all languages for searching. Social Searcher allows you to open links from search results in your Android web browser, sort search results by date/time, sort search results by number of “likes” and filter by country. APIs used include: Facebook. Learn more at our Social Searcher Android App profile.

Ivy FM - Discover new music every day with Ivy FM. It plays great songs continuously in each genre from the best artists in the world. Select your channel, listen great music, share it and enjoy. APIs used include: YouTube, LastFM. Learn more at our Ivy FM profile.

Vinogeo - Vinogeo is a worldwide interactive map of vineyards with 2D/3D maps and 360° features. Vinogeo uses a simple search tool that allows you to navigate around the world and view wineries by region. APIs used include: GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth, Geoportail. Learn more at our Vinogeo profile.

LookWho - LookWho helps you meet new people in real places. Instantly learn who is in the same room or event. APIs used include: Facebook. Learn more at our LookWho profile. Local Deals - brings you the best deals on all the things you want, making it easier than ever to search, find and share big savings from all your favorite brands and stores. Local deals are provided by Groupon and 8coupons. APIs used include: Groupon, 8coupons. Learn more at our Local Deals profile.

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