Best New Mashups: Mashups for Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend is again upon us. Growing up, my dad was always the hardest to shop for. I couldn't always tell what he would like and if he did like it, he had a tendency to buy it for himself. This week we'll look at some mashups that might help spark some ideas for those dads that are hard to get gifts for. The mashups include a little something for every dad out there including beer, hiking, golfing and movies. Read below for more details on each. ProgrammableWeb would like to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

BreweryMap - For the dads out there like myself that are always in search of a new IPA. BreweryMap is your guide to finding the best in craft breweries. Whether you’re at your computer or on the go, BreweryMap can help you discover a new world of great beer. With a constantly growing database of over 4,600 breweries and more than 23,000 beers, you can always find something new. APIs used include: BreweryDB. More at our BreweryMap profile.

Nature Rocks - Is there anything more classic then spending a weekend camping and hiking with you dad? Nature Rocks is a useful tool for people that are looking for ways to get outside and experience nature. The map displays great places to camp, fish and hike in your area. APIs used include: GoogleMaps. More at our Nature Rocks profile.

World Movie Search - If your dad is a movie buff, the World Movie Search mashup might help. If offers a world box office movie search and aggregates movie reviews, enabling users to find great movies to watch. APIs used include: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. More at our World Movie Search profile.

Weather to Golf - Previously covered in our recent roundup of weather mashups, this still remains a good mashup for planning a tee time with dad. Weather To Golf helps golfers get on the course by letting them know when conditions are ideal. This is done by constantly checking weather forecasts in the user's area for ideal conditions using our weather algorithm and the Wunderground API. APIs used include: WeatherUnderground. More at our Weather to Golf profile.

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