Best New Mashups: Mashups using Google Plus

We all know about Google Plus. We've talked about it here and here and it's been covered in a million other places. Today though, we're not concerned with how it stacks up to Facebook. Instead we just want to look at the cool things being built with the Google Plus API. These mashups all use Google Plus to support shopping, news aggregation and even other social networks.

My Google+ - uses Google+ API to transform user profile into a Facebook style timeline. APIs used include: GooglePlus, GoogleMaps. More at our My Google+ profile.

Moun Fou - Shopping site using Amazon Product Advertising API. Includes search, details page, and cart functions. Includes social like functions from facebook, twitter, google+, and linkedin. APIs used include: Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, FacebookSocialPlugins, Amazon. More at our Moun Fou profile.

immipad - Connecting people who are living, studying or working outside their own country. Uses Russian social network Odnoklassniki. Immipad is a social network and marketplace that uses several Active and Google APIs. APIs used include: Odnoklassniki, GooglePlus, GoogleAdWords, GoogleAdSense, Activecom, Active, ActivaLiveChat. More at our immipad profile.

Scupal - Scupal is a social buying website that has been launched in India since November 2011. Scupal’s unique concept is to bring the true power of social network based buying to end consumers. Scupal is not a daily discount or daily deal sites that have sprung up across the world. APIs used include: GooglePlus, Facebook. More at our Scupal profile.

Wiki News Direct - News aggregation site with stock quotes. Uses Google AdWords, Ajax Feeds, Plus and Sidewiki, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twittercounter APIs. APIs used include: TwitterCounter, LinkedIn, GoogleSidewiki, GooglePlus, GoogleAjaxFeeds, GoogleAdWords, Facebook. More at our Wiki News Direct profile.

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