Best New Mashups: May Roundup Featuring Amazon, Facebook and New York Times

With the calendar turning to June, we'll take the opportunity to look back at some of our Mashup of the Day selections for May that haven't yet been covered. These mashups make use of APIs from Amazon, Google Maps, New York Times and Facebook.

BookBargain - Using API's to track prices of books and ebooks: Get best deals for your books and ebooks, in your currency and with shipping cost included. Manage your book’s shopping list and get notifications on price drops. Discover new books on the best sellers list. Find free ebooks. APIs used include: Twitter, NewYorkTimesBestSellers, Facebook, DirectTextbook, AmazonEC2. More at our BookBargain profile.

Elementary Mail - Hybrid Mail certainly isn’t new – although many existing services serve only the business-to-business market. Elementary Mail is bringing a fresh introduction to this already popular concept, with a consumer-geared service for the everyday person. APIs used include: FedEx, Amazon. More at our Elementary Mail profile.

NPR Labs Mapping and Population System - Gooogle Maps Mashup displays public broadcast coverage overlays, and allows users to look up demographic information for all broadcast facilities, radio and TV. APIs used include: GoogleMaps, FCC. More at our NPR Labs Mapping and Population System profile.

SimplySubscribe.Me - Is it possible to subscribe to a newsletter in as little as one click? I say yes. Mailchimp users can now embed this widget onto their site to federate list signups using OAuth as well as the traditional signup form. APIs used include: MailChimp, GoogleGmailOAuth, Foursquare, Facebook, Basecamp. More at our SimplySubscribe.Me profile.

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