Best New Mashups: The Most Popular Mashups Featuring Google Maps and Twitter

This week we're going to take a look at the most visited mashups in the ProgrammableWeb mashup directory over the last three months. The mashups all make use of the Google Maps API and appeared in our directory as far back as 2008 to as recently as last January. Take a look below for more details on each. Live Ships Map - By far the most visited mashup of the last three months. Live Ships Map lets users see live vessel traffic and positions. Marine Traffic's public map contains thousands of ships, including type and name. In some cases, there are even photos of the ship. Users can create an account and add specific ships to their fleet. APIs used include: Google Maps. More at our Live Ships Map profile. - Our second most popular mashup, offers users fast and easy street viewing search. Users simply start typing their address and a Google Street Maps view is brought up almost instantly. APIs used include: Google Maps. More at our profile.

100 Destinations - 100 Destinations aggregates photos and quotes from sites like Twitter and allows users to experience what a city is like from an insiders perspective. APIs used include: Google Maps, Twitter. More at our 100 Destinations profile.

10 Fascinating Googlers - Fortune Magazine list of 10 Fascinating Googlers plotted on a Google Map. APIs used include: Google Maps. More at our 10 Fascinating Googlers profile.

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