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Having a trusted site for event information and registration is crucial to successful events and happy participants. The same way event goers rely on trusted ticket brokers to purchase their tickets from. is that trusted identity for motorsport participants to register and list events in their respective categories. These categories include autocross, driving schools, HPDE, club races, test days and rallies organized by groups like the SCCA, BMW CCA, PCA, Audi Club, Miller Motorsports Park and Circuit of the Americas. In fact, the site currently has 350 plus registered organizations that periodically list upcoming events. Developers can leverage the event data through the API. This week we will be taking a look at the API and what recent mashups have been created leveraging Read below for more details on each. – This application allows student and instructors to fill out evaluations for high performance driving events. Users simply create an account and then receive email notifications when it is time to fill out their evaluations. Evaluations can be saved and accessed whenever without any information loss. These evaluations are also historical so users can track their progress through different events and gain insight into their racing performance from a personal and professional standpoint. Driving clubs simply need to register for club reports and information. APIs used include More at our profile. – allows race enthusiast access to a complete autocross race management solution for timing, scoring, and results. They broke down the more complex race management solution into manageable roles for each member on a team. These roles consist of time keeper, cone counter, car queuer, registrar and admin. The system is viewable in iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OSX so when a single device updates all the other devices are updated in real time. All devices must be connected to wifi for real time updates and access points can be created for additional viewing. Furthermore, it is suppose to be intuitive like “Apple” products. APIs used include More at our profile.

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