Best New Mashups: Movie Mashups Light up The Stage

Sometimes it seems like I spend more time looking for a good movie to watch, than I do actually watching it. I have a feeling that I am not the only one that has this problem. Thankfully with resources like the Rotten Tomatoes API, the Movie DB API, and of course the Youtube API, developers have created amazing mashups that make searching for the perfect movie a lot faster. I present to you two of our most recent movie mashup additions.

Movies Now Playing - This mashup combines a preview of online streaming options with a list of current box office listings. You can even use this Resource to find movie times in your location. APIs used include: Rotten Tomatoes and The Movie DB. Check out our Movies Now Playing profile.

Watchable - This tool provides users with a list of movies every day that are "watchable". This is a great way to find movies that you may have overlooked otherwise. Make sure to scroll to the bottom and check out the "Watchable Upcoming Films." APIs used include: Rotten Tomatoes and YouTube. Check out the Watchable Profile for more information.

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