Best New Mashups: Music Mashups Using Spotify, YouTube and

There's been some great new music mashups coming down the pipe lately. We'll highlight some of the better ones below, including a music search engine, local music events, lyrics lookup, a Spotify video playlist app (yes, there's a Spotify API) and a fun "name that tune" game. The most popular music API, the API, is featured multiple times, as is the YouTube API, which has become a favorite of music mashups.

  • A Library and search engine about music. Query song titles, singers, song description or lyrics. Browse artists, music genre or albums. APIs: ChartLyrics Lyric, Google Base,, Next Big Sound, YouTube. More at our profile.

    Now, you might have found some cool new bands on, but you want to learn what they're like live. If you need to find a live performance, look no further than Silvawood Events Map, a mashup for finding live performances of bands of various stripes.

  • Silvawood Events Map: Map of local entertainment events: concerts, plays, films, talks, magic shows, and comedy. APIs: Google Maps. More at our Silvawood Events Map profile.
  • Silvawood Events Map

    Sometimes, we want to have fun with our music. How about proving your music knowledge with a "name that tune" sort of game? TunesIQ has you covered.

  • TunesIQ: TunesIQ is a "name that tune" game that lets you compete against others for a spot on the site's leaderboard. Listen to a song clip and see if you can identify it. Watch a music video for every song you attempt to solve. APIs: Amazon Marketplace Web Service, iTunes and iTunes Connect,, Yahoo Music. More at our TunesIQ profile.
  • TunesIQ

    After that, you may want to figure out the lyrics, to go with your extensive knowledge of opening riffs. If so, head over to Got Lyrics?

  • Got Lyrics?: Got Lyrics? shows which lyrics are available at musiXmatch for any given artist. APIs: MusixMatch. More at our Got Lyrics? profile.
  • Got Lyrics?

    Spotify has recently begun a limited launch in the US. If you want a fun use for your Spotify playlist, try Tubufy, which uses your Spotify playlist to make a music video channel from Youtube videos.

  • Tubufy is a mashup of Spotify (the streaming music service) and Youtube. It allows you to generate dynamic music video channels based on your Spotify playlists. APIs: Spotify Metadata, YouTube. More at our profile.

    Have fun enjoying your music. I hope these mashups can save you time, and help you find more fun music to listen to.

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