Best New Mashups: Music Search and Discovery Mashups Featuring YouTube, SoundCloud and SpotifyMetadata

When it comes to mashups submitted to our directory, those helping users search for and discover new music consistently rank among the most popular. The number and variety of music services including metadata, social and streaming continues to grow and give developers more tools with which to build their apps. The list below includes some of the recent mashups of note.

Hycke - Hycke helps you to discover what movie, tv show or music you should like, based on your tastes. With recommendations for movies, tv shows and music. APIs used include: TheTVDBcom, LastFM. More at our Hycke profile.

MusicDNA ID - MusicDNA ID discovers and identifies music wherever you go and whenever you want. Whether you are in a bar, in a department store or listening to music in a car, simply record a short snippet of the unknown song, send it to us and within seconds we will let you know what is the name of the song and the performing artist. APIs used include: Seatwave. More at our MusicDNA ID profile.

soundeos - Sound and video search from soundcloud, youtube, and dailymotion. APIs used include: YouTube, SoundCloud, FacebookSocialPlugins, Dailymotion, AddThisServices. More at our soundeos profile.

FindTheStream - A meta search engine for streaming music services. Search Spotify, Wimp, Youtube, etc for music, all at once. APIs used include: YouTube, SpotifyMetadata, SoundCloud, Grooveshark. More at our FindTheStream profile.

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