Best New Mashups: MyBlogLog, Flickr, YouTube

Continuing from yesterday's summary of notable new mashups, here are a few more worth seeing:

Adding Tags to MyBlogLog

The American Image


  • Adding Tags to MyBlogLog: Here is a fun little hack with MyBlogLog, the addition of tags. You will be able to tag your visitors and immediately see what you and others have had to say. When your readers click a tag they will see instant inline search results for users.
  • The American Image: Photographs of John Collier Jr.: An online exhibit exploring the work of John Collier during the war years of the 1940s. Flickr mashups are used to pull in photographs making up the Collection and one of the interactive activities.
  • ZonTube: See Amazon music with YouTube videos. Useful site. Cleanly implemented.

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[...] Also, The American Image: Photographs of John Collier Jr. was listed in the Best New Mashups on the Programmable Web blog. [...]

Another great one : allows you to search for a particular tag ,keyword or phrase –be it a book, video, model, actor — and then locate a videos related to it from YouTube and display it.

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That’s not all, the search results are endless.. yes there is no need for you to click on Page Numbers to visit next set of result., instead just keep scrolling and the results for your search term will keep coming up.

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