Best New Mashups: Netflix, MyBlogLog, and Flickr

Each week we see dozens of mashups added to our mashup directory and often these use and combine APIs that go beyond the typical Google Maps mashup of old. This past week three of the more innovative ones go beyond just maps by using APIs from Netflix, MyBlogLog and Flickr. Here's a quick overview:

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[...] things which can be built when a company offers up an API for use by third-party developers. ProgrammableWeb dubbed it one of their “best new mashups” and we definitely agree. The InstantWatcher [...]

Excellent use of the Netflix API, I know that properly organizing a huge library of stuff can be a pain. Categories are a good idea and imdb is essential.

Marshall, you're right that it's hard to top Kent Brewster's Blog Juice mashup for getting the most out of the MyBlogLog API

We noted this one today because we don't see that many, which to your point, is too bad, since it's such a powerful API. And perhaps over time this one will get more features enhancements.

Sorry, but that MyBlogLog mashup is a far cry from what I was hoping to see here. That service has SO MUCH DATA in it, and I still haven't seen anything as cool as the BlogJuice mashup. An incredible wasted opportunity.

wow that's a great mashup, i wonder how they are getting the xml from flickr i have been looking all over the shop for it.