Best New Mashups: Novel Uses of Social Connections

It's no doubt that social mashups are one of the more popular categories. In fact, these varied apps, most distinguished by using friend connections, make up 7% of all mashups ever added to our directory. The recent social mashups below caught our eye for the interesting new ways they use the social connections.

  • FriendLynx: FriendLynx enables you to find your Facebook friends on Twitter and follow them in a couple of clicks. You can also create Twitter lists with your Facebook friends and follow then through these lists. Also installing this application will help your Facebook friends to find you on Twitter.
    APIs: Amazon EC2, Facebook, Google AJAX Libraries, Twitter. More at our FriendLynx profile.
  • FriendLynx

  • BusyLunches: Busylunches (BL) is your Social Eating Experience at Work. You can simply enjoy the way you organize your lunch event with colleagues/friends. With BL, you can :

    * create a lunch with your colleagues/friends
    * find closest venues to your address
    * earch foursquare venue alternatives for your lunch
    * organize other events like dinner,breakfast, birthday party, team event etc.
    * lots of other stuff with your imagination

    We invite you to have this experience with BusyLunches and share it with others. APIs: Foursquare, LinkedIn. More at our BusyLunches profile.

  • BusyLunches

  • CheckinSpy: CheckinSpy lets you view the places that you and your friends have checked in, using Google Street View. You can look at recent checkins that you or your friends have posted, or search for a specific friend. APIs: Facebook, Google Maps. More at our CheckinSpy profile.
  • CheckinSpy

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