Best New Mashups, Part 2

Our review of the best new mashups continues and even includes some good non-Google-maps mashups (yes, they exist):

  • floverview: floverview gives you a comprehensive one-page view of any Flickr member.
  • Running Map: A nice site to measure your running distance. Built in Flash with Yahoo Maps. Good UI.
  • Flickr in Second Life: A home in SL that sports a simple picture frame. Touch it and it looks up your avatar name to see what your favourite Flickr tag is, picks a random picture with that tag from Flickr and displays it on its surface.
  • WhereAmI.At?: Have you ever asked yourself what city you are currently in or where am I at. Well, just in case that happens to you some time, WhereAmI.At can hopefully tell you where you are.
  • HotelChatter Hollywood Secrets: Get the dirt on Hollywood celebrity hotel goings-on. HotelChatter covers everything related to hotels and lodging around the world, we cover hotel deals and reviews, which celebrities are staying where, hotel industry news, the hotels to stay away from.

More tomorrow.


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WhereAmI.At? didn't even Know the town PARIS, france !!!!