Best New Mashups: Photo Mashups Using Flickr, Facebook and Bing

With over 6700 mashups in our directory, it's good to go back and look at previously reviewed categories to see what is new. Last year we looked at mashups that let users share their photos. Today, we'll go back and look at the latest mashups using photo APIs including Flickr; still the king of photo APIs.

Picomp'it - Picomp'it is a service to create and host a photo contest, set some options, add photos from social networks, share your contest and see vote's results. APIs used include: Flickr, Facebook, 500px. More at our Picomp'it profile.

Caption.Me - An ongoing caption competition that selects two photos from a group on Flickr every day to receive dozens of funny captions. Also uses D3/ Node.js and Bing image search to show a collaborative mind map for brainstorming caption ideas. APIs used include: Flickr, Bing. More at our Caption.Me profile.

PrestaShop module using Fotolia - A prestashop module for ecommerce websites. This module can browse, search, filter in all images from Fotolia. APIs used include: Fotolia. More at our PrestaShop module profile.

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