Best New Mashups: PhotoMaps, PM and Translators

This week's entries for interesting new mashups include a couple using APIs we don't see used everyday like the the Basecamp API and the the Skype API.


Universal Skype Translator

  • Fotoland: Although Flickr has their own official Flickr Photo Map built with the Yahoo Maps API, there is still a place for Google Maps + Flickr mashups. The latest one added here is Fotoland, a feature rich implementation that allows users to create tags on the map and then imports photos that are associated with these tags from Flickr.
  • Headquarters Basecamp Widget: Basecamp widget for the Yahoo Widget Engine. Manage your Basecamp projects from your Yahoo! desktop.
  • Universal Chat Translator for Skype: Allows people to communicate with other Skype users without the need to know their language, translates in real-time, and speaks your chats as well. Supports 38 language pairs. Choose to have the translation window open alongside your normal chat as a way to learn a new language.

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