Best New Mashups: The Power of Search Featuring Zoopla, Yelp and Wordpress

Search engines have revolutionized the way we consume data. Nearly everything, although it may not be fact, can be found on search engines. As the power of search flows into new ground we see various different implementations of its use. Whether that is finding good food when you are indecisive, creating searches for specific products, or even what song just played on the radio, search is everywhere.  This week’s recent mashups confirm that idea, implementing search in unique ways. Read below for more details.

Find Properly – This mashup helps residents of London search for different places to live, but search properly. The mashup utilizes what it terms “smart search,” allowing users to add location they travel too each day, things they care about like crime, green space and night life to narrow the searches. It leverages a large directory of properties from another service, and implements its smart search technology into the database. APIs used include Zoopla. More at our Find Properly profile

Randolunch – Randolunch provides a solution to indecision about what restaurant you should grab a bite to eat at. People get hungry, maybe by themselves or with friends, and no one, or someone specifically, wants to decide where to go eat. Randolunch takes a users location, desired distance from food locations, and preference to give users a randomly selected dinning destination. In other words, end the indecision by letting a service randomly select a restaurant. APIs used include Google Maps & Yelp. More at our Randolunch profile.

Bookdip – This mashup helps users with kindles find free ebooks across all amazon categories.  Specifically, it sifts through time sensitive deals and best selling books to provide email subscribers a way to take advantage of the promotions before they are gone. It leverages Amazon and Wordpress functionality to scan amazon categories, updating the list of free or discounted books every two hours. APIs used include Amazon Product Advertising and Wordpress. More at our Bookdip profile.

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