Best New Mashups: Radio Station Tricks Reborn

Remember radio? It played music through the air and determined who the next big thing would be. Okay, so maybe some of us still listen to radio in our cars, so these tricks may seem familiar. Have you ever tried to be the ninth caller? Have you ever requested a song from your favorite star? Thanks to the Twilio API and the mashups below, you can now do each of those things without needing the help of any darn radio station.

  • NthCaller: NthCaller allows anyone with a single phone line to run a 'caller number __' contest. Just enter a number for the winning call to transfer to, along with the winning number, and the calls display in real-time. APIs: Twilio. More at our NthCaller profile.
  • NthCaller

  • djtxt: Throwing a party? With djtxt you can set up a crowdsourced party playlist in one click.
    Your party guests send in song requests by text message, and djtxt plays their tunes. APIs: Grooveshark,, Tinysong, Twilio. More at our djtxt profile.
  • djtxt

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