Best New Mashups: Recent Twitter Innovation

It may be hard to believe that developers are still finding new ways of using the Twitter API. The ProgrammableWeb Mashup Directory features over 750 Twitter mashups. With Version 1 of the API on the way out, we can only hope that V1.1 will produce mashups with as much innovation as the applications that we will feature here today. Below is information on 2 of the best Twitter mashups that we have seen recently. Let's start with Sleeping Time:

Sleeping TIme - This application has the power to accurately determine the sleeping patterns of active Twitter users. The estimation is determined by analyzing the last 1000 tweets and looking for behavioral patters. Check out our full Sleeping Time profile.

Tall Tweets - The 140 character limit imposed by Twitter can often feel like a prison, and this application provides a way out. Tall Tweets allows users 2 options for surpassing the limit: Transform the tweet into an image or split the tweet into sections. Take some time to browse over to our Tall Tweets profile.

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