Best New Mashups: Recommendations

Where do you want to go eat? What movie should we watch? What do you feel like doing this weekend? Any of those questions sound familiar to you? Sometimes the answer is simple, but other times you simply don't want to be forced to think. Fear not, ProgrammableWeb is here to help for those days when you'd rather let someone else do the decision making for you. These mashups take advantage of popular social APIs such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and to gather a wide range of recommendations. Give them a try, your new favorite thing may be just around the corner.

Ditto - Ditto is a location iPhone app that lets users get recommendations about restaurants, movies and things to do. APIs used include: Twitter, Facebook. More at our Ditto profile.

Loqly - Loqly is a Platform to discover places around you and ask/answer questions about local businesses. With Loqly, users can ask for business recommendations or search for a business and ask specific questions. The questions are directed to locals in the area and users get answers in real time. APIs used include: Yelp, Foursquare. More at our Loqly profile.

SpotiLast - SpotiLast generates a personalized Spotify playlist based on the artists suggested to you by APIs used include: SpotifyMetadata, LastFM. More at our SpotiLast profile.

CuteOn.Me - CuteOn.Me is a simple app to solicit shopping advice from your friends. It demonstrates how a real-world application can use's batch link creation, metadata association, redirection patterns, conversion tracking, and advanced stats retrieval. Documentation and source available. APIs used include: Twitter, Awesm. More at our CuteOn.Me profile.

Expressi - Expressi answers the question "which". Which item is the most emotionally and personally relevant for me. Give it a try searching through Amazon products. See how your mood changes recommendations. Set your friends personality and see what might be relevant for them too. APIs used include: FacebookGraph, Facebook, Amazon. More at our Expressi profile.

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