Best New Mashups: Reference Mashups Using Wikipedia, Twilio SMS and Google Maps

Are you old enough to remember using a dictionary, or a thesaurus, or even a phone book? Whatever happened to those quaint reference tools that we grew up with? They've been replaced, in many cases by applications and mashups like the ones we're highlighting today. These mashups use a variety of APIs from Wikipedia, Twilio SMS, Google Maps and more. Read below for more information on each.

VocaBoca - VocaBoca combines the power of Google Translate, Flickr images and Wiktionary to explain any word, from any app in almost any language. Build your own vocabulary list from the words you find in your favourite mobile apps. Learn new words when you surf, when you read the news and when you check your e-mail. APIs used include: Wikipedia, GoogleTranslate, Flickr. More at our VocaBoca profile.

SynonymsDB - This mashup is a one stop shop for Synonym finding. It uses the synonyms API. APIs used include: Synonyms. More at our SynonymsDB profile.

Anaphonr - This is a fun mashup that helps you find anaphones. Anaphone: A word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the sounds of another, such as galaxy from lucky gas. Plus, with the power of twilio, you can text your anaphone inquiries to 785 378 5626. APIs used include: TwilioSMS. More at our Anaphonr profile.

Free Postcode Maps - Free UK Postcode maps using the latest Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey Postcode information with Google Maps. APIs used include: GoogleMaps. More at our Free Postcode Maps profile.

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