Best New Mashups: Sports Mashups Using ESPN, Google Maps and Twitter

For sports fans, this might be the best time of the year. Baseball is winding down and the playoffs are about to begin, the NFL and NCAA are in full gear with big matchups every weekend and basketball is on the horizon with camps opening soon. Today's look at mashups focuses on those that bring us sports news and information. Read below for more details on each.

Sports News Pub - Sports News Pub is a sports news Portal that makes news reading fun user friendly. It allows you to bookmark news items on your browser to read later. APIs used include: ESPN. More at our Sports News Pub profile.

BleacherWeather - Mashup of sporting events with weather conditions and forecasts on a Google Map. APIs used include: NationalWeatherServiceNDFD, GoogleMaps. More at our BleacherWeather profile.

TeamLeaks - TeamLeaks brings you the latest sports news, blogs, and tweets from thousands of sources. Search, submit, and vote for stories about your favorite teams. APIs used include: Twitter, FeedBurner, Facebook, ESPN, Digg. More at our TeamLeaks profile.

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