Best New Mashups: Top Sites, the Census, and Feeds

The past two weeks have seen some unique new mashups added here at ProgrammableWeb. They benefit from a combination of less commonly used APIs, like Feedburner and Alexa Top Sites, along with some creative ideas and good execution. Here's a rundown of the three

Census Dashbaord


  • Web Domains by Topic: Very unique mashup that uses the top 50,000 sites as determined by Alexa and tags to organize domains by topic. It can be used to find high quality links in the topic area of your choice that is both topically related and likely to be high-powered.
  • Census Dashboard: A Flex-based mashup using two StrikeIron APIs, Zip Code Information and Population Demographics By ZIP Code, plus the Yahoo Maps API to give detailed information for a specific US zip code. (If you want to learn more about how this was built, along with Flex code, see creator Andrew Trice's good writeup here.)
  • FeedFlinger: A prototype nothing-but-net RSS explorer, using the Feedburner's new JSON return for source material, two flavors of Yahoo Search for search and term extraction, and for storing and sharing. (See also Grazr as a tool for RSS mashups.)

We'll cover more notable new mashups later this week.

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