Best New Mashups: Track Links, Prices and Corporations

Open APIs allow data to be re-purposed and visualized in new ways. Some of the best mashups then let you see the data change over time or aggregate it in one place. The mashups below are all about tracking data, whether it be the price of an item on Amazon, the links you post on Twitter, or a company's SEC filings and subsidiaries.

  • Who Clicks My Links: Find out who clicks the links that you tweet. APIs:, Google App Engine, Twitter. More at our Who Clicks My Links profile.
  • Who Clicks My Links

  • The Tracktor - Amazon Price Tracker: Tracks and graphs Amazon price history. Allows user to be emailed when the price hits a desired point. APIs: Amazon eCommerce. More at our The Tracktor - Amazon Price Tracker profile.
  • The Tracktor - Amazon Price Tracker

  • CrocTail Corporate Watch: CrocTail provides an interface for browsing information parsed from SEC filings about several hundred thousand U.S. publicly traded corporations and their foreign subsidiaries. APIs: CorpWatch, Google Maps. More at our CrocTail Corporate Watch profile.
  • CrocTail Corporate Watch

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