Best New Mashups: Twilio Mashups

Since mid summer we've seen an uptick in the number of submitted mashups that use the Twilio API. Twilio (a ProgrammableWeb sponsor) offers extensive documentation that along with their bi-weekly contest encourages developers to create a variety of mashups, many which make their way into our directory. This week we'll take a look at some of our favorites that have been recently submitted.

Lunchflock - Lunchflock is a niche service aimed at shepherding lunch-goers into flocks large enough to earn them group discounts at their favorite restaurants. Twilio delivers the discounts to users via sms. APIs used include: Twilio, Twilio SMS. More at our Lunchflock profile.

TheInterviewr - TheInterviewr lets media workers (journalists, bloggers, etc.) schedule and prepare for interviews. Interviews are conducted using Twilio's calling functions. APIs used include: Twilio, Twilio SMS, More at our TheInterviewr profile.

Koderank - Koderank is an online whiteboard that allows for quick and easy code interviews. Interviewers can give candidates small coding exercises to gauge their abilities. APIs used include: Twilio, Google App Engine. More at our Koderank profile.

Mobile Time Tracking - Mashing up Twilio and Freshbooks to make time tracking easier. You call into a Twilio phone number, and it asks you which client you want to begin billing. When you're all done with your work, you call back and clock out. Your hours are then submitted directly to your FreshBooks account, including a transcription of an optional voice note. APIs used include: Twilio, FreshBooks. More at our Mobile Time Tracking profile.

Wendell Santos

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