Best New Mashups: Twitter Heat Map, Guardian Vizualization and Facebook Chat

Each week a number of new mashups are added to our directory of 4,300+ mashups. Some catch our eye more than others. Here is a quick overview of some of the best recent additions:

  • Twitter Top Trend Heat Map: Heat map representation and visualization of the top trends on Twitter within a given time period. APIs used: Twitter. More at our Twitter Top Trend Heat Map profile.
  • Twitter Top Trend Heat Map

  • Guardian Tag Bubbles: This visualizes the tags used on content in the Guardian website. So for example, you can see what topics relate to News today, then drill down into Business, then into Banking, then click see what what was happening there yesterday, and so on. APIs used: Guardian. More at our Guardian Tag Bubbles profile.
  • Guardian Tag Bubbles

  • Chit Chat for Facebook: A Facebook Instant Messenger app for talking with your Facebook friends from your desktop rather than having to use your browser. APIs used: Facebook. More at our Chit Chat for Facebook profile.
  • Chit Chat for Facebook

    Did we forget your favorite? Leave it in the comments.


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