Best New Mashups: Twitter Mashups

Twitter seems to be everywhere, from popular restaurants to ESPN and all the way back to the average users looking for their first follower, and you can guarantee if there is a fan there will be a following. With the recent announcement of Twitters planned IPO, of course being announced to the world through a Tweet, means that twitter could soon be a part of every ones business without even having a twitter. As Wall Street will continue to talk about the news, we will take a different approach and highlight what developers are doing with the Twitter API. This week we will take a look at the recent mashups leveraging Twitter. Read below for more details on each.

Twibitz – This application allows users to evaluate a twitter profile and gain insight into their “Tweet Styles.” It works by pulling the last 2000 tweets of the person being analyzed. Then Twibizs analyzes each tweet according to the type of tweet, which can be categorized by a plain tweet, link, reply, checkin, media, and etc. In addition, it looks for common words and hashtags including activity level, use of hashtags, and time of day are all calculated. Lastly, it queries social scoring platforms to give a fairly accurate prediction “Tweet Style.” APIs used include Twitter, Klout and PeerIndex. More at our Twibitz profile.

#BeerMap – This application is designed to find the most popular beer in over 15,000 cities across the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. To get even more intricate, the popularity can be determined by age and even gender. Users simply select their age group and gender to see beers that they may like, or other ages and genders to see what beers others may like.  Once those variables are determined, a map displays the icon of the favorite beer in each different city.  Furthermore, Icons can be grouped or ungrouped depending on the popularity of a brew in different areas. APIs used include Google Maps, PeekYou Social Analytics, and Twitter. More at our #BeerMap profile.

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